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Bootcut Solutions

So, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans- or any pants in general- we all pretty much know that the bootcut is a safe choice for everyone. That flattering fit, the subtle hourglass silhouette- you know the story! But there’s another level of styling that goes into wearing the perfect bootcut pant as a shorter shopper.

Again, we all know that the bootcut is a great style for just about any body type. The Tru Luxe bootcut is especially fabulous because of the premium denim quality and stretch that keeps your legs and thighs lifted and slender while comfortably flaring towards the hem to showcase the natural hour glass figure. Flare is very important in any pair of bottoms— especially in jeans, but for the shorter shopper, it’s important to keep balance in mind. Balance is key when searching for jeans because the right balance can help flatter a more petite figure. For the shorter gal standing at 5'4" and below, the goal is to elongate the legs and torso for a more slender, taller look, and the boot cut jean is the perfect solution!

So, we got it. When in doubt, buy the bootcut- but what about styling options for the short gals? What can you do with bootcut jeans without compromising your feet? Well, not all of us are willing to wear high heels with our casual jeans. If you want to avoid rocking the stilettos with your everyday flared jeans, then it's important to keep a few things in mind while shopping:



Not every boot cut is right for everyone.

The measurements for bootcut jeans vary from company to company, and while stores try to reflect the similar look overall, some of these bottoms are more flared than the others. As a shorter shopper, look for a more subtle flare in your jeans. Look for detailed descriptions, like the ones at Tru Luxe that tell you exactly how wide the leg opening is and what type of flare that style offers (large, slight, exaggerated, etc.). Too much fabric can cause a bell bottom look, and the only solution for something that dramatic is heels or hemming. A smaller “slight” flare keeps the balanced look of a slenderizing boot cut without weighing down your naturally fabulous silhouette.