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Cuffed: How Much Is Too Much?


Well, we all know that a woman’s wardrobe can't be complete without a solid go-to pair of jeans. Whether you’re tall enough to be in the WNBA or too short to ride the rollercoaster at Disneyland, quality denim is a must-have. Buying jeans is a tricky task- especially for those of us who are “height challenged”, but there are a few things to consider while on the jeans hunt that can help in finding the perfect pair.


While the very popular skinny crop is a great style to try, it's hard to know for sure if this cut is the top choice for the shorter shopper. Standing at 5’3”, a crop may look more like a pair of high-waters that are just a bit too short to be pants but too long to be capris…SO when in doubt- we roll. Roll em up, gals! It’s time for a cuff party! If you can't give up the cuff, find yourself a STACK of boyfriend jeans- they are MADE to cuff! (and suggest that you...actually have a boyfriend)




Petite women are all too familiar with the rolled up cuffed bottoms, and while there is nothing wrong with this look, it could be time in your fashion evolution to move on. The larger the cuff, the wider the leg looks. Try for a thinner cuff if you love this look (1.5” to 2” at the thickest). This creates a longer continuous leg line uninterrupted by a contrasting cuff.

If you love the skinny leg but want to avoid the cuffed style- try an ankle jean, shortie! While this style is brand new to Tru Luxe, it’s been around for years. Also known as the “cigarette skinny”, the ankle jean falls at the mid to upper ankle of an average to tall gal. For the more petite shopper, though, this cut lands just right at the base of the ankle but Without any of the extra fabric to roll up that you normally find in skinny jeans. Ankle jeans are a great go-to for all shorter shoppers- both petite and curvy alike- because this style won’t taper in too tight at the bottom, giving that awkward cut-off look. This style showcases a slim fit that can make you look even taller!