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Clean & Crisp

Clean and crisp Tru Luxe Jeans blog style

black + a splash of color = a combination sure to stun

Tru Luxe Jeans Clean & Crisp Outfit featuring the Alexandria skinny crop


Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean that you can’t wear black! Don’t exile the classic slimming shade from your summer wardrobe just yet. Check out this summer-friendly outfit idea that we saw on one of our favorite Tru Luxe interns this week. One of our top styles- The Alexandria Skinny Crop is perfect for summer days of fashion and fun. Paired with light and bright top this sleek skinny crop is a go-to pick for any fashionista trying to stay cool on the go. Minimal color accents allow the back pocket design to really shine- crowned hearts and angel wings kinda speak for themselves as statement decor. Great with simple sandals or heels, this look creates a clean, crisp, comfortable twist to a classic black style.


Not is the mood for black? Ready to switch it up?

Try flipping it! Pair your bright Tru Luxe Nome jeans with a black top instead. The Alexandria is just one of many wonderful Tru Luxe Skinny Crop styles. Stay tuned for more!