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Live Life Luxuriously Because You Deserve It

Tru for Me - Tru for You: Tru Luxe Looks for All Styles

Part of what makes Tru Luxe Jeans great for the modern woman's wardrobe are the many designs and styles offered for every fashionista's taste. 



Want to feel like Beyonce or the Kardashians? Sometimes, you just need a little party in the back. Accented back pockets add a little something-something to what you've already got going on or want to have more of! And you already know… Tru Luxe has got you covered! From rivets and leather to crystals and embroidery, Tru Luxe Jeans presents a wide variety of looks that are sure to steal the spotlight!












Still want a great fitting jean, but not too thrilled about having a blinged out behind? Try a few of our subtle classics- The Aspen, Los Angeles, and Seattle styles still provide the same Tru fit in a style that's Tru to you. Our brand new Nome styles are a perfect fit if you're feeling adventurous- plain pocket styles and vibrant colors come together in this must-have style for summer! 




What about the outgoing and wild fashionista?  Let it shine gilr! The Odessa and Modesto printed styles are just what the doctor ordered. Shop unique patterns plus unbeatable fit all under the Tru Luxe brand that you know and love.



All these and more are part of an ever-growing collection that veteran fashion designer Nancy Bolen has created with your individual style personality in mind.
No matter your mood, style or shape- Tru Luxe has a pair a jeans perfect for you... and even more to come!
Find yours today!