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Bootcut Solutions

Posted on May 30, 2013

So, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans- or any pants in general- we all pretty much know that the bootcut is a safe choice for everyone. That flattering fit, the subtle hourglass silhouette- you know the story! But there’s another level of styling that goes into wearing the perfect bootcut pant as a shorter shopper.

Again, we all know that the bootcut is a great style for just about any body type. The Tru Luxe bootcut is especially fabulous because of the premium denim quality and stretch that keeps your legs and thighs lifted and slender while comfortably flaring towards the hem to showcase the natural hour glass figure. Flare is very important in any pair of bottoms— especially in jeans, but for the shorter shopper, it’s important to keep balance in mind. Balance is key when searching for jeans because the right balance can help flatter a more petite figure. For the shorter gal standing at 5'4" and below, the goal is to elongate the legs and torso for a more slender, taller look, and the boot cut jean is the perfect solution!

So, we got it. When in doubt, buy the bootcut- but what about styling options for the short gals? What can you do with bootcut jeans without compromising your feet? Well, not all of us are willing to wear high heels with our casual jeans. If you want to avoid rocking the stilettos with your everyday flared jeans, then it's important to keep a few things in mind while shopping:



Not every boot cut is right for everyone.

The measurements for bootcut jeans vary from company to company, and while stores try to reflect the similar look overall, some of these bottoms are more flared than the others. As a shorter shopper, look for a more subtle flare in your jeans. Look for detailed descriptions, like the ones at Tru Luxe that tell you exactly how wide the leg opening is and what type of flare that style offers (large, slight, exaggerated, etc.). Too much fabric can cause a bell bottom look, and the only solution for something that dramatic is heels or hemming. A smaller “slight” flare keeps the balanced look of a slenderizing boot cut without weighing down your naturally fabulous silhouette. 

Cuffed: How Much Is Too Much?

Posted on May 23, 2013


Well, we all know that a woman’s wardrobe can't be complete without a solid go-to pair of jeans. Whether you’re tall enough to be in the WNBA or too short to ride the rollercoaster at Disneyland, quality denim is a must-have. Buying jeans is a tricky task- especially for those of us who are “height challenged”, but there are a few things to consider while on the jeans hunt that can help in finding the perfect pair.


While the very popular skinny crop is a great style to try, it's hard to know for sure if this cut is the top choice for the shorter shopper. Standing at 5’3”, a crop may look more like a pair of high-waters that are just a bit too short to be pants but too long to be capris…SO when in doubt- we roll. Roll em up, gals! It’s time for a cuff party! If you can't give up the cuff, find yourself a STACK of boyfriend jeans- they are MADE to cuff! (and suggest that you...actually have a boyfriend)




Petite women are all too familiar with the rolled up cuffed bottoms, and while there is nothing wrong with this look, it could be time in your fashion evolution to move on. The larger the cuff, the wider the leg looks. Try for a thinner cuff if you love this look (1.5” to 2” at the thickest). This creates a longer continuous leg line uninterrupted by a contrasting cuff.

If you love the skinny leg but want to avoid the cuffed style- try an ankle jean, shortie! While this style is brand new to Tru Luxe, it’s been around for years. Also known as the “cigarette skinny”, the ankle jean falls at the mid to upper ankle of an average to tall gal. For the more petite shopper, though, this cut lands just right at the base of the ankle but Without any of the extra fabric to roll up that you normally find in skinny jeans. Ankle jeans are a great go-to for all shorter shoppers- both petite and curvy alike- because this style won’t taper in too tight at the bottom, giving that awkward cut-off look. This style showcases a slim fit that can make you look even taller! 


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted on May 7, 2013



It’s that time of year again-  time to switch it up and give that special mother in your life something to make her smile. She does it for everyone else, how about finding the perfect gift for her this week?! Everyone loves Mother’s Day, but this wonderful holiday can become a bit intimidating when the pressure is on to find the perfect present! And while you may think that one mom can never have enough “world’s greatest mom” keychains, let’s face it—She’s long overdue for something fabulous.

So, need to find a little something special for mom? Looking to drop hints on what you want this year? The best things to gift and get are all right here!

Now, every mom has her own style personality. She could be the wild and adventurous type (always ready for a bright fun print), she could be subtly chic (a big fan of the classics and solids), or she could be the bold stand out gal whose wardrobe always demands attention. If she happens to be the commanding type, then the Tru Luxe selections with sparkles & bling will be perfect for her. How about mixing and matching these bling styles with a funky print or bright color? See what she thinks of the featured styles (pictured above): The Lafayette ankle jean, The San Diego ankle jean, The Salem ankle jean, The Chicago skinny crop, or the San Francisco skinny crop (shown in both black and white). 

When asked what they wanted for Mother’s Day this year, 9 out of 10 moms polled asked for earplugs. Just Kidding! What they really wished for was “Quiet Time”. Some stylish moms are all about the peaceful moments, and a little subtle style will go a long way on her special day. If your lovely lady leans toward more classically chic styles, then a great option for her would be one of our classic bootcut pics like the Aspen, the Florence, the Venice, or the bolder St. Tropez (above). These tonal styles are just right for the mom who likes her fashion like she likes her kids- sweet and not so loud.

Thankfully, when it comes to fashion choices, there is a happy medium between the daring and the demure. This is where Tru Luxe Jeans come in! Maybe you’re looking for something more funky and fierce but aren’t a huge fan of pocket bling? It’s not for everyone, and that’s why Tru Luxe has a wide range of various styles to fit your fashion personality. 

Tips for finding her something fabulous without going too crazy on the pockets:
-Look for a clean pocket style that showcases the great fit instead of the accessories.
Try any of the plain pocket, low-key Tru Luxe styles- all of which demonstrate shape recovery and high quality stretch for comfort and long-time wear. A good pick for this tip would be the Seattle (modeled to the right) or the Aspen- both excellent-fitting bootcut jeans with very light sanding, no whiskers, and pockets featuring simple outline stitching.
-Look for an interesting print that skips the crystals and rivets but still shows personality with color or texture.
An excellent example of this would be The Salem (lavender swirl print to the right).This ankle jean is perfect for Spring and comes in both lavender and teal for the mom who likes her options!
Try this look or choose another breezy ankle jean like the Modesto (right), Lafayette skinny crop (right), or the Odessa skinny crop (right).
This year, show her that with Tru Luxe Jeans, she can find so much more than just sparkle and shine. Bling, embroidery, plain pockets, and trending prints are all available in time for Mother’s Day, so don’t miss out!
While some fashion-seekers are all about the look, some fashionistas shop with size in mind- more than style. For some of us, it’s more about Stretch and Tummy Control than prints or pockets.

Style personalities refer to much more than just aesthetic preference, however. The style personality of a fabulous mother may be more body conscious than focused on glitz and glam. So, for all the ladies who value fit above all else, these styles are for you. For the sleek and slim shopper, the Calgary bootcut (above left) is a great pick for you. With very light sanding, no whiskers, and dark ink indigo dying, this style showcases back pockets with art deco design—frayed details and alternating flat silver and crystal studs. This detailed design is great for the smaller frame to provide balance in the back. For the curvy and fabulous shopper, try the Athens bootcut or the Florence in dark wash (above right). This jean has heavy abrasion with whiskers on each leg. The dark indigo color is contrasted with highlights from a deep hand-sanding process. Back pocket features darker "Fleur de Lis" design with raised trapunto stitching and gunmetal nailheads for a subtle accent to your natural curves. 

From appearance to fit, Tru Luxe Jeans is your go-to destination for mom this year on her special day-- and if the great styles aren't enough for you... the price for the premium styles discussed above is unbeatable. So get her what she really wants this year- Premium quality denim, excellent fit, and unmatchable fashion- compliments of Tru Luxe Jeans!


The Best Denim Picks: For Your Body Shape

Posted on March 15, 2013

Tru Luxe Jeans: The Best Denim Picks For Your Body Shape

We’ve all been there – you’re at the store, and you find that perfect pair of jeans that you’ve been hunting for forever. They are perfect…on the hanger—only to get them into the dressing room and realize they just aren’t working for your figure! It’s such a disappointment, ladies, but it doesn’t always have to be such a sad surprise. Few of us look exactly like the models we see sporting those clothes we love—but with a few tips, we can look even better in the Tru Luxe Jeans styles specifically for our body types!

Next time you’re on the jeans hunt—online or in person—you will be equipped to get a pair that truly works with your figure, and not against it. 

Tru Luxe Jeans Styles for your body type

Celebrate Your Valentine

Posted on February 4, 2013

Tru Luxe Jeans loves color 14% OFF


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Tru Luxe has got you covered! From bright to bold, our fabulous colored denim leaves no asset un-flattered. Read on for our sweetest selections to make your February 14th a Tru event!


Tru Luxe Jeans Chicago Crop


Any pink jeans should be on the top of your list this Valentine’s Day. Our Chicago Crop is a perfect choice for the big day. With one of our comfiest fits and a special diagonal crystal pocket design, this crop is great with a flirty top that leaves them watching you walk away!


Tru Luxe Jeans The Miami crop


If you love a bold pop of color, then the Miami is just for you. The Miami crop features a special mix of crystals and shiny silver nailhead accents– great for any date night outfit.  Not to mention, this style also has unique abstract diamond pocket designs & comes in TWO hot colors. Match the rich red with the solid white to complete a perfect pair.


Tru Luxe Jeans Las Vegas crop



We love the Las Vegas for fashion + functionality. With pretty floral-inspired pocket flaps coupled with teardrop crystals & silver beads, this is the perfect white crop to hang out in all Valentine’s Day long. Pair the Las Vegas with any of your favorite romantic blouses and you will have the coziest day ever.



Tru Luxe Jeans color flowers



No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a cute pair of denim crops. Whether your style is flirty, fierce, or classic – crop, bootcut, or skinny – we’ve got your covered with one of our many flattering fits. Our favorite choice? Anything in color of course!



Check out all of our sexy & sweet Valentine’s Day options at 

Brand New Spring 2013 Collection Highlights NOW on YouTube!

Posted on January 15, 2013

Want the inside scoop on what's next from Tru Luxe?? How about the Spring 2013 Collection Highlights now on YouTube







Tru Luxe Exclusive: Holiday Sale on Chictopia

Posted on December 10, 2012

Style seekers, it's that time again! All this cold weather and great style only means one thing.... HOLIDAY SAVINGS

This season, we have the greatest insider scoop for you. Tru Luxe has partnered up with to give you the Holiday dealas that you've been waiting for all year!

Exclusively on Chictopia, find great styles for 20% off!!! Visit the Tru Luxe Chictopia Shop to browse our Holiday deals and MORE

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Naughty or Nice- these AMAZING 20% off deals are for all!

VOTE For Style

Posted on November 6, 2012

Tru Luxe Jeans Fall Outfit

We LOVE some Tru Luxe style on Election Day! Thanks to the team at Our Daily Denim for featuring the Boca Raton style today! No matter what side of the ballot you find yourself on today, remember to let your voice be heard in STYLE!

I Wear Pink for ______

Posted on October 25, 2012

This month, we wear pink for the Fierce Fighters against breast cancer! The Latest Look we Love reminds us to be aware and fight for the cure this month!

The Madrid is an excellent choice to pair with great jewelry for an overall stunning outfit. Stand out in style, and represent the fight against breast cancer with Tru Luxe.

October isn't over yet, dolls. Are you wearing pink for anyone?

The Sienna Look

Posted on September 8, 2012

Nothing says Tru Luxe like a great outfit to show off your style. This Tru Luxe look features the Sienna style with great accessories and unbeatable tops from designer Sharon Young. Tru Luxe friend and fashion blogger Karis Renée of The Bias Cut is behind this look, and we definitely approve! Gotta love seeing Tru Luxe in new and interesting ways!