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Live Life Luxuriously Because You Deserve It

Will all the curvy women please stand up?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If your body could talk, what would it say about your jeans? “Help, I can’t breathe in these!” “Hello?? Why are you holding on to these, we aren’t 18 anymore!”, “Good luck getting these up! Ha!”… The list probably goes on and on. If you are a curvy woman, like over 50% of the population, these struggles are magnified. Something has to give (and its usually not your jeans) that is, until the February 2011 launch of Tru Luxe Jeans, a brand that combines true fit, with true comfort, and true style.

Born from the personal frustrations of Los Angeles based award winning designer Nancy Bolen, Tru Luxe Jeans, a division of Parent Company ITC Girl, is the premium jean collection for women 35 and “better”. A group of women, who without a doubt, want the hottest washes, most flattering leg openings, and trendy details, all without sacrificing comfort and an amazing fit. Focused on fit Tru Luxe Jeans engineers created breakthrough technology that they coined the ”crossover fit.” This fit is the solution for the sweet spot of women who fall between the often “too low and tight juvenile” and “too high and loose “mature jeans” markets. A collection of jeans size 2-18 that sculpt your curves without hiding your best assets, help tame muffin top without swallowing your shape, and are an affordably priced addition to the often exorbitant premium market. It is a fit that doesn’t gape in the back, with a 9 ½” front rise, and 44 other points of perfected measurements that make wearers feel that each pair was custom made for their curves.

The Tru Luxe Jeans collection offers a very unique point of view in the fashion marketplace: sophisticated, on-trend, figure-flattering jeans that are comfortable (because of the specially formulated fabric that provides give without losing structure), and practical (priced at $98 and below).

Bolen’s most impressive contribution to the collection is the over 50 unique and trendy embellishments found on each back pocket of denim, from subtle to ornate, that she named after some of her favorite cities across the globe. “Tru Luxe Jeans are all about edgy designs and while most brands feature embellishments sporadically, bling is the signature of this collection. My goal was to offer edgy jeans, glitz and glam, wearable art, studs, rhinestones, and embroideries along with the latest washes that transcend age, body type, and occasion.”

“Based on the immediate success of Tru Luxe Jeans, and the countless testimonials of truly thankful women, the executives at ITC Girl know they have filled the void for today’s modern woman”, says Ed Vierling, Chairman/CEO . “The reception and demand have far exceeded our initial growth plan for Tru Luxe Jeans ”, says Sam Klapholz EVP. “In my 40 years in the apparel business it is by far the fastest growing product I have ever experienced”.

A premium brand, affordably priced at $98 and below, Tru Luxe Jeans are sold at over 1000 better specialty stores across the nation to supply their growing demand.

“Go ahead”, says Bolen, “Live life luxuriously, because YOU deserve it!”