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Live Life Luxuriously Because You Deserve It


***Want to hear what our customers thnk of Tru Luxe? Take a look!***



"Love these jeans...comfy, they look and fit great!"

Loris B.

Brooks, Alberta, Canada


"These are the best jeans ever! LOVE them and own 4 pairs. Want more! Thanks for providing quality at a great price!"


Amelia H.

Ozark, MO



"Just received two pairs of jeans that I purchased and I just wanted to tell you that they are absolutely amazing!!  I’ve never been one to spend any money on jeans, and NEVER online as I am a curvier girl and have always had a tough time finding jeans that fit around my rear without massive gapping in the waist.  I was so amazed at how perfect these jeans fit.  My husband LOVES them too. Thank you ever so much!"


A new forever customer,



Any woman that's looking for a sharp pair of jeans "Tru Luxe" is the only way to go! They make me feel good, look good and have everyone saying "WOW" I love your jeans!!!

Jewell W.

Dallas, TX


“I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY with this product!!! Best features are FIT and PRICE!!  My other main jean line is Not Your Daughters Jean.  I sell a lot of NYDJ and in the past two weeks TL has out sold them 2 to 1!!

My petite customer LOVES the crop and ¾ length skinnys because they can wear them as full length jeans and they have not had this option before.  She TL pocket designs are nice and clean. I merchandised them on a front table, folded, where the embellished pockets would show, and people are drawn right to them.”

Eloise, City Lites

Indio, CA


“I sold 34 pairs in two weeks!!!

The best feature is the FIT, of course!  I used to carry “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” but I believe Tru Luxe is better! I have a huge fashion show coming up with 20 models; I just got my reorder in and very excited to have these for the show.”

Darlene, A Lady’s Place

Kokomo, IN


“Tru Luxe is basically my ONLY jean line, I got rid of everything else.  I’m on my 3rd reorder and need more! Tru Luxe jeans are higher in the back – very important feature for me. My customers see them and WANT to try them on and the next words I hear are “OMG, I LOVE it!!”

Tammy, The Boutique

Baton Rouge, LA


“My target customer is a 30+ woman who wants an edgy jean. Tru Luxe is great because they see them and WANT to try them on. They are fun and different. Most ladies can go down a size, or if they were squeezing into an 8, they fit into the TL with ease. I like the heavy stitching and embellished pockets, also the fact they are offered in 4 styles - boot cut, straight, skinny crop and skinny leg – this is very important for my business.  

I have a customer who buys Miss Me.  She came in and decided just try Tru Luxe on for fun.  The lady LOVED them, bought them, came back two days later and had me re-order her another pair!!! I think this is going to be a bit hit for me!”

Kelly, Blue Velvet

Lincoln, NE


“Tru Luxe is selling like crazy in my store! I LOVE the fact the jean is a TRUE MISSY FIT. My customer wants “the butt bling, not the crack attack!”

Sharon and Janna, Pampered Lady

Lemesa, TX


“Tru Luxe has quickly become one of our top selling mid-rise denim lines.  The fit and the look of the jeans are simply amazing! Tru Luxe jeans fit real women without giving us the dreaded "muffin top".  I’m so pleased that I’m adding inventory dollars & space in our store because quite simply, they outsell any other mid-rise jean on our floor! We LOVE this line!”

Tina, Katina’s

Omaha, NE


“I have recently started carrying the Tru Luxe jeans and they are my favorite and most popular selling jean.  I love the fit, the stretch, and not only is the bling factor amazing but they sit perfectly on your waist, not too low and not too high.

I am very excited about carrying this line in my boutique. I am in an area where the shops are unique with cobblestone streets and I have clients of all ages. Keep up the great fit and designs Tru Luxe!"

Bessie Giannakakis, Bessie’s Boutique

Edina, MN


"Last week I received my Tru Luxe jeans and how happy was I to put them on for the first time and find that they're a perfect fit! Jeans are always so hard to shop for and to get a pair that fits just right without trying it on is unheard of for me!  I'm very impressed with the Tru Luxe brand after wearing these jeans, they're comfortable, flattering, and hit at a very good spot on my waist: not too high and not too low. I don't usually go for bootcut jeans with embellishments on the back pocket and a lighter wash on the thighs, but I was won over by this pair!"

Val, TX


"I received the jeans today, put them on immediately and my boyfriend told me they were the best fitting and the most flattering jeans he has ever seen on me. I have to tell that they are so comfortable too! I will definitely wear them proudly and I'm so excited that my company has jeans day on Fridays now! I know after seeing them on me, all my friends and co-workers will be getting them. Thanks so much for "favorite" jeans!"


Dallas, TX


"These jeans are beautiful! The Sydney fit me like a glove, very flattering, I really love them. Loved the pocket design and they washed really great! They maintained their color really well. The jean did maintain the fit throughout the day/night, didn't stretch out too much and didn't become baggy. Thank you so much!"


Dallas, TX


"I purchased my one and only pair of Tru Luxe jeans at a small women's boutique in Des Moines, Iowa and absolutely love them! I wear them constantly! I am going to buy different styles because it has been since the 7th grade that I had such a favorite pair of jeans!"

Karol Vander Horst

Pella, IA